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Understanding the True Costs of Cleaning, To Reduce Your Bottom Line

Hourly + Insurance + Vacation. Payroll, your single highest cost factor

Controlling labor costs is important in any business and a clean work environment can make a significant impact for you. If you can keep your work spaces cleaner we can guarantee labor costs will be reduced, it can be a dramatic improvement for companies with high numbers of sick days, high turnover from a sub-standard working environment, or quality issues associated with cleanliness.

  • Lower direct cleaning labor costs with efficient processes and modern chemicals/tools
  • Reduce the spread of diseases and germs, even the simple ones like the flu and common cold
  • Improve employee satisfaction from a clean and disinfected work environment
  • Increase your recruiting of new employees, quality and quantity, with a clean first impression
  • Generate profits from increased efficiency in manufacturing and assembly, a clean shop is an efficient shop!

Wrong (& Ineffective) Products & Equipment for the Wrong Job

Are you using cleaning supplies from the “Leave It Beaver” days while competing today for the best way to keep your company’s spaces clean? You are busy running your business, so let our cleaning specialists get you up to speed on the latest chemicals and equipment to fight your unique cleaning challenges. There are thousands of new products introduced each year. We study them and will only recommend those that are cost effective, deliver on promises, and meet your environmental needs. Did you know?

  • Foam soap is up to 50% more effective than liquid for fighting germs
  • Using Paper towels kills 77% more germs than not using them
  • The proper vacuum can save you 30% of labor time every week in efficiency and speed of floor coverage
  • Even the right sized liners for your trash cans can save you hundreds of dollars per month in liner and labor costs if they are not properly sized

Dirty Facilities? Customers Always Remember a Bad Experience

If you have customers in your business, this point is CRITICAL. Cleanliness is a strong part of first impression, and first impression can make up 70% of customer’s long term perception of your business. They see only a tiny fraction of your business, but if that small look includes a dirty carpet, or a full trash can, or an untidy bathroom, then that’s what they think of your business. Can you afford leaving a bad first impression?

  • Procter & Gamble Professional reported that more than 6 in 10 diners say if a restaurant is clean, they will dine there more often
  • If you have a dirty front of the business, the customer is going to perceive that the back of the business is even worse
  • If quality is important in your business, cleanliness is the first impression of quality

Hygiene is the #1 cause your employees sick time

Unless you are on top of cleaning in your business, it’s likely that poor hygiene is costing you a lot of profit each year in lost employee time for real illnesses. Simple cleaning improvements and worker habit changes can make dramatic improvements in reducing sickness. We are experts in state-of-the-art cleaning techniques and how they will uniquely apply to your business.

  • Preventing foodborne illnesses is an obvious place to start if you have any food service or even eating spaces in your business
  • Investing in the basics of sensory-activated faucets, flushers, soap, and towel dispensers have a dramatic impact at reducing cross contamination. The payback in less sick time can be almost instant
  • Simple things like hand sanitizing stations can really reduce diseases passed between workers

Customers and employees overusing products? Are your cleaning ‘systems’ efficient and effective?

There is tremendous loss or inefficacy in every business’ basic setup of their cleaning systems. If you are a small company, this may not be critical. However, if you have tens or hundreds of employees or customers using your restrooms, your trash receptacles, or paper towels, tissue and soap systems, then you have a high potential for waste.

  • Are the paper towel and tissue dispensers effective at reducing germs and are they cost effective?
  • Does your soap dispenser, dispense properly without leaking?
  • Are your workers using the glug (pouring until it looks right) method for dispensing cleaner for mopping your floors? Are they forgetting to dilute it to the right ratio? Is it easy to know what’s right?
  • Are you vacuuming the carpet too often, or not enough? Does anyone in the company know the proper size vacuum for the area or the effect on IAQ (indoor air quality)?
  • Do you know how much pilferage is going on by customers or employees? Are you monitoring pilferage? Do employees know you are monitoring it?

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