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Sustainable and Green Cleaning Products & Supplies

What is Sustainability?

Actions and products that meet current needs without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

At Retailers Supply, we work with our manufacturing partners and third party certifications to gather information to train our team so we can educate and train you and your team. In the last several years, many “green” products and procedures have been introduced. The difficulty for consumers, is ensuring the “green” products are truly better for the health of the cleaning team, the facility and the environment. EPA’s Design for the Environment (DFE), Green Seal and EcoLogo have assisted in certifying products and making this process easier.

While the certification process is not perfect, it does provide a good, yet varying process to make products more sustainable. Currently EPA’s “DFE” is becoming more involved and should make the certification process much more transparent.

The sustainable landscape continues to change. Retailers Supply is committed to sustainability.

Educating and training our customers on the newest products, procedures and certification processes is our goal.

Sustainability Audit of your Current Products & Practices

What is a Sustainability Audit? A comprehensive review of current products (hand towels, toilet tissue, can liners, cleaning chemicals, hand soap, cleaning machines, brooms, mops, matting etc.) in order to provide more sustainable product options that meet your cleaning and maintenance objectives.

If you are interested in a Sustainability Audit, please contact us.

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Barbara F.

Director, Community Montessori School

Community Montessori is very pleased with the breadth of products, attention to detail and caring people who always exceed our expectations. The icing on the cake is our estimated annual savings of over 25%!

Rob Poff

Executive Director of Facilities, Ivy Tech Community College-Sellersburg

We enjoy the excellent customer service, quality products, and competitive pricing that Retailers Supply provides. Our experience has been tremendously positive.

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