Buckeye Hard Floor Care Program

Floors are one of the first things people see when they walk into your school or university. Implementing a hard floor care program that uses superior products requiring less labor is the best way to effectively maintain your floors. 90% of a floor maintenance budget is spent on labor*.

*Frumkin, Howard. Geller, Robert. Rubin, I. Leslie. Nodvin, Janice. Safe and Healthy School Environments, Oxford University Press, 2006. Print.

What makes Our Floor Care Program Different?

We built our Buckeye Floor Care Program on standardized procedures and the highest quality products proven to save you money by increasing efficiency and producing excellent results.

No matter what floor type, equipment, or maintenance needs you have, we will help you customize the most successful floor care program for your school or university.

Did You Know That


of a floor maintenance budget is spent on labor.

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Floor Finishes

Floor finish protects your floors from highly abrasive soils, produces high gloss shine, and extends the life of floors. Our floor finishes are formulated with proprietary technology that never yellows or powders.

Buckeye LiquiMax

Buckeye LiquiMax® Maximum Durability Finish

Buckeye LiquiMax is formulated to extend strip cycles to 18–36 months when following recommended procedures. LiquiMax is microabrasion resistant, and works with buff or no-buff programs.

Clarion 25

Clarion® 25 High Solids/Metal Interlock Floor Finish

Clarion 25 builds its high gloss fast, is extremely durable, and ideal when there is limited equipment or manpower for a buffing program. Clarion 25 is versatile and may be used on all porous floors.


Citation® Sealer/Finish

Citation floor finish/sealer maintains its high gloss with little maintenance required. Citation resists scuffs, holds up under extreme conditions, and responds well to any burnisher. No sealer required.


1844 Floor Finish

1844 is non-yellowing and non-powdering with an excellent response to burnishing.1844 is self-leveling, holds up to heavy traffic, and may be applied to virtually all hard floor surfaces.


Castleguard High Solids/Metal Interlock Floor Finish

Castleguard, The King of Floor Finishes™, provides a superior “wet look” depth of gloss with unmatched response to burnishing. No sealer required.


Proclaim® Concrete Floor Coating

Proclaim is a water-based, urethane fortified acrylic concrete floor coating that provides high gloss and fork truck durability.

Floor Strippers

Our butyl-free floor strippers are formulated with patented Liquescent® technology to remove floor finish in one application without harsh odor.

No harsh odors
Work in one application
Work in cold water

Floor Cleaners

Maintaining your floors is effective and efficient with our non-foaming floor cleaners that don’t attack floor finish.

Fast acting
Require no rinsing

Seeing is Believing

Test us against any other Floor Program out there. We’re confident you’ll be impressed with the results. Schedule a Full-Scale Floor Demonstration today.

Contact us for a floor care demonstration at your school or university.

Honors® Custodial Training Program for Schools and Universities

Buckeye Honors Logo CTIS Verified Program Logo

The Honors Custodial Training Program incorporates multi-purpose products that reduce labor with easy-to-follow procedures and the resources you need to clean and maintain a school or university.

On-Line Testing

Watch training videos and review Honors Program knowledge with online tests available for each video segment.

Customizable Training Materials

Download wallcharts and training presentations customizable for your specific needs.

Facility Assessment Surveys

Rate the cleanliness of your school or university by area. Add comments and attach pictures of the areas in question. Use the survey as a program baseline, and then take the survey again after using the Honors program to determine overall improvement.

Reporting Dashboard

View comprehensive reporting for tests, surveys and videos.


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