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Less Waste, Lower Cost and Better Hygiene

What is important to your business?

  • Lower cost-in-use?
  • Reduced labor?
  • Better hygiene?
  • A plan to reduce your environmental impact?
  • An image that supports your brand and customer perception?

We can help find the Tork solution to meet your specific needs!

Hygiene matters…

Studies show people are most concerned with their health in public places, yet 84% of people aren’t effectively washing their hands.

Does your washroom convey the right image…

In recent poll, 50% of respondents say they would tell their friends and family about their bad experiences with an establishment’s restroom.

Our holistic environmental approach and yours…

By using 100% recycled, process chlorine free, and third-party certified Tork paper products you’ll help save valuable natural resources.

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Barbara F.

Director, Community Montessori School

Community Montessori is very pleased with the breadth of products, attention to detail and caring people who always exceed our expectations. The icing on the cake is our estimated annual savings of over 25%!

Rob Poff

Executive Director of Facilities, Ivy Tech Community College-Sellersburg

We enjoy the excellent customer service, quality products, and competitive pricing that Retailers Supply provides. Our experience has been tremendously positive.

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