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We carry thousands of the products to keep your business running smoothly.

Restroom Systems

Create a cleaner and healthier environment for your business.

Cleaning Machines

We work with your team to identify the best product for your needs.

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Floor Mats

Entrance mats are the most effective way of stopping dirt and moisture at the door and keeping building maintenance costs to a minimum for your business.

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Ice Melter

Melts ice down to -10° F. Contains MG 104®, which helps prevent refreezing up to 2 1/2 times longer than conventional ice melters. Safer on plants, concrete, pets, shoes and carpet.

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Using microfiber is a quick and easy way to help preserve environmental resources, your workers’ wellness and in some cases eliminate water and chemical usage altogether.

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Site Furnishings

We carry thousands of the products to keep your business running smoothly.

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Hand Hygiene Program

Increase Hand Hygiene Awareness and Practice. Lower Absenteeism. Reduce Costs.

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Floor Care Program

Implement a hard floor care program that uses superior products requiring less labor.

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Don’t Replace It… Service It

These days, it’s hard to justify the expense of buying new cleaning equipment. Why replace it if you can have it serviced and extend its useful life?

That’s the reason Retailers Supply introduced a service department – to keep your equipment in good working order until it’s really time to replace it.

Whether you purchased it for us or someone else, our service experts can get it back in shape and keep it running smoothly. And when the time comes that service is no longer an option, we offer a complete range of cleaning equipment, from Automatic Scrubbers, Burnishers and Carpet Extractors to Floor Machines, Vacuum Cleaners and Wet/Dry Vacs.

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Barbara F.

Director, Community Montessori School

Community Montessori is very pleased with the breadth of products, attention to detail and caring people who always exceed our expectations. The icing on the cake is our estimated annual savings of over 25%!

Rob Poff

Executive Director of Facilities, Ivy Tech Community College-Sellersburg

We enjoy the excellent customer service, quality products, and competitive pricing that Retailers Supply provides. Our experience has been tremendously positive.

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