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"Community Montessori is very pleased with the breadth of products, attention to detail and caring people who always exceed our expectations. The icing on the cake is our estimated annual savings of over 25%!"

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CIMS Certification

Looking for Ways to Save Money and Differentiate Yourself from Your Competitors?

See how one company discovered a way to save $414,000 annually...

CIMS Certification Logo Learn more about how the CIMS Certification can help cut costs.

If your company wants to cut costs without sacrificing quality and customer satisfaction, the CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard) can help you find previously "hidden" savings in sanitation and health safety, while making employees happier and more productive.

Would your organization like to experience:

  • Reduced supply costs?
  • Less employee absenteeism?
  • Fewer workers compensation claims?
  • More efficient workplace?

With a CIMS certification, your company can deliver consistently high-quality services in sanitation and health safety without sacrificing customer satisfaction or adding difficulty to your employees' workday. CIMS principles streamline your business and make employees more productive.

How Does CIMS Work?
This system is unique because it helps companies find opportunities for improvement from the perspective of management and organizational structure. It allows organizations the flexibility to select what processes work best for them.

The CIMS system has six areas of management best practices: Human Resources, Management, Quality Services, Service Delivery, Health and Safety, Management Commitment and Green Building.

Success Stories - $414,000 saved annually
Leading companies across all industries currently use their CIMS certification to create a more efficient workplace, while cutting back on costs incurred by poor management and lack of efficiency.

The University of Georgia & Athens Janitor Supply adopted the CIMS certification program and cut annual costs by $414, 000.  Even better, part of the savings were due to a reduction in employee absenteeism and workers compensation claims due to safer and healthier working conditions.

One company that declared success from CIMS is Castle Keepers. This Charleston based cleaning company was looking for ways to differentiate themselves from competitors while maintaining customer focus. This company not only saved money, but also created a more flexible business model in order to respond to all types of customers’ needs.

Call Today And Start Saving
Your company does not have to suffer from failing attempts at cost reduction or less than desirable customer satisfaction. Apply for CIMS certification today. You will receive a professional consultation and evaluation to see how you can start saving money and rise to the top of your industry.

Learn more about how the CIMS Certification can help cut costs.

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